Engineering Team Lead at Zendesk

12 months ago

At Zendesk, we strongly believe that to build a great product you have to have great people. We enjoy working with other smart focused people who care about both the product and the code they write. We value collaboration and test driven development and release frequently. We like and use agile processes and believe that pragmatism always triumphs over dogmatism. We all own the product and enjoy the impact we have improving it.

We’re looking for a talented Engineering Team Lead to help take Zendesk products to the next level in terms of functionality and integrations. You’ll be joining a team that works on our Talk product. Talk is a complex real-time application that needs to be robust, scalable and maintainable. You’ll have the skills, experience, wisdom, patience and determination to work with the team to deliver high quality software to meet our customers needs.

What you get to do every day:
Work collaboratively with a small focused team on a complex real-time application that needs to be robust, scalable and maintainable. Participate in every stage of the development life-cycle including feature conception, design, implementation, testing, rollout and making everything run smoothly in production.
You’ll want to follow and improve our practices at every stage of development: TDD, spiking/prototyping, pairing, peer code review, design review and rapid deployment.
When working on debugging a tricky intermittent issue you won’t give up until the feature behaves as expected, the root cause has been identified and an automated test has been put in place to avoid the issue reoccurring.
Even better if you write a wiki article or do a session with the team to share how you tracked the issue down, how we can avoid similar issues in the future and show people the metrics you added to track and confirm the issue was resolved in production.

What you bring to the role:
Ideally you will have plenty of experience with our main stack Ruby/Rails and Javascript. You’ll recognise working within a team is more challenging but also more valuable and in the end, more rewarding.
You’ll want to whiteboard problems with your peers and apply the scientific method to finding a pragmatic solution that is the best fit (on balance) for the identified problem space.
Excellent communication skills, you can explain your views well to others and just as important, actively listen to others ensuring a good discussion. You’ll also want to bash out a wiki page with a summary of the discussion and any decisions for the benefit of others.

Nice to have:
If you’re interested in working with tools like Kafka and Elasticsearch.
Any knowledge and/or experience in the VOIP or telecoms industry would contribute useful background knowledge.

How to apply: